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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the home of a d.c. police officer. we are told by sources that they found the 15-year-old missing girl and found drugs at the apartment. this is obviously very early in the investigation. they were taking what may have the evidence out of the apartment and still investigating. lots of unanswered questions and we hope to have more information as we get it throughout the evening. >> thank you very much. d.c.'s fire chief is in the hot the. council members want to know how he will repair a fleet critical to saving lives in emergencies. it's the first time he has faced questions over a scathing report that described the fleet as failing. this togetherin in the sense of gettg this fixed. if we are going to share the responsibility, we should all share it together. scathing wake of a
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report, he was often able to pay -- unable to answer questions were where paramedics stationed. it prompted the d.c. citizens association to ask why. >> it's his job and he should have been able to say this is the answer and i will call someone up to the microphone to say there it is. >> that question the chief could answer were not encouraging, admitting that only three of the city's ladder trucks were certified and the department had no money in the fy 2013 budget for new fire equipment. >> i cannot ignore the fact that no capital dollars were requested to see that you had the trucks and ambulances you needed this year's budget. >> the chief insisted the problems were all on him. >> i am responsible. when it comes time to share the credit, there are a lot of people behind the scenes that help make things go.
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when it comes to be responsible for what doesn't go well, that is my responsibility. hise testified that in view, the tee -- the d.c. fire department has been roped in for the last 15 years. reporting live from the john ford, abc 7ing, sam news. >> one month after virginia's election, one race has left the ballot box and gone to the courtroom. after the votes were counted, democrat mark haring led by less than 200. now, the recount begins. the northern virginia chief is in richmond with that story. >> the statewide recount will begin on december 17 in all districts across the state accept for fairfax -- except for fairfax county which will get going on the 16th. the district needs extra time because of the sheer number of outlets. noting officials say the workers and machines will be ready.
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while here in richmond, the court hearing we saw today could be a sign of things to come. cast,h 2.2 million votes and hearing holding onto just a 165 vote lead, the scrutiny will be intense. bigger districts like fairfax have sophisticated machines that can specifically count votes in the attorney general's race. others don't, meaning hand counting. even with the optical scanners, the votes that are not totally clear, so-called under or over votes get rejected and have to be counted by hand. it is not going to be well run. anin court, attorneys gave indication of the battle to come, raising detailed questions about party affiliation of electoral board members statewide, the accuracy of voting machines and the role of observers. >> being allowed to comment and suggest it doesn't the lie, that it move off to the judge to
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review. >> it is becoming clear that fairfax county, where 712,000 paper ballots will be reviewed, is going to play a pivotal role in the recount. election workers will start a day before other districts and likely take longer to finish. >> in fairfax, it's all about logistics and the sheer size of jurisdiction. >> they were -- they will predict the outcome one way or another. to go either way. >> the attorneys have a track record when it comes to statewide recounts. in 2008, they successfully represented al franken in his statewide victory of just 312 votes. back to this race, the recount is set to wrap up on december 18 statewide. then the action will shift to richmond when a special court will review and certify election results. they should have that done by december 19, quite possibly going into december 20.
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>> the virginia governor elect is reaching out to his assessors for advice and help with his transition. he said he speaks to a mcdonnell on a daily basis and has spoken with former governors and current u.s. senators mark, tim kaine and jim gilmore. he will be sworn in on january 11. >> another member of the d.c. council is considering a run for mayor. willnounced today they form an exploratory committee. if he runs coming says he will make education and poverty the centerpieces of his campaign. firstame the council's openly gay member when he was elected in 1897. he left the republican party and became an independent in 2004. he has until june to decide whether to run in the general election. if he does, he will face the
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republican and democratic primaries. mayor gray is running for a second term and faces primary challenges by four others. news, the only 7 roadway in and out of north carolina outer banks is shut down. the reason is not clear. >> first, president obama makes a push to reduce income inequality. some local business owners say they are concerned. >> i'm doug hill. experience temperatures in the 60s tomorrow while many parts of the country get whacked with severe weather went -- severe winter weather. get whacked with severe weather went -- severe winter weather.
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>> you are watching abc seven news your side. justst-released -- released 911 calls are giving insight into the moment a man opened fire inside a connecticut elementary school. or then 20 minutes were released, including one from a woman wanted in the attack that left 26 people dead, 26 children. the calls show a calm response from dispatchers despite audibled gunshots rate abc seven has chosen not to air the audio. virginia gun dealers made the a lot of money on black friday.
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more than 3900 individual gun transactions, breaking last year's record of 3856 transactions. gun sales for the year are on track to break last year's record. >> the administration's efforts to fix the obamacare website appear to be paying off somewhat. sources say 29,000 people have signed up for insurance plans on sunday and monday which surpasses the total let signed up for the entire month of october. what there is a new concern that not everyone is on board. a gallup poll released today reveals 28% of those who currently do not have health insurance say they are more likely to pay a fine and sign up for insurance. next, a popular a problem it and so bad it has been declared an
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emergency. >> temperatures in the 60s, but what comes next will certainly feel like winter. >> that cap star falling fast and the metro division. the redskins face the chiefs. is that politically correct? george washington is ready to battle. it is the acc big 10 challenge. morell hear
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>> today, president obama turned his attention away from health care overhaul and to the nation's economy. >> he returned to the team from his campaigns, reducing income inequality starting with they change in the minimum wage. rebecca cooper is outside the arc where the president laid his plans. >> it is the townhall education arts and recreation campus built here in anacostia. the president deliberately chose to come here today to talk about the growing problem of income inequality in the united states.
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calling on congress to raise the minimum wage, the president said it is time to reduce the gap between rich and poor recently cited by the pope. >> this increasing inequality is most pronounced in our country. it challenges the very essence of who we are as a people. >> he has asked congress to boost the minimum wage to closer to $10 an hour. the d.c. changer -- d.c. chamber of congress -- d.c. chamber of commerce has backed a boost and says it puts ecm maryland at a distinct this advantage, competing with the commonwealth for new jobs. >> until the state of virginia does something, it makes us not competitive. what we have just done is guaranteed employment for virginians. somewhat worried about the impact of a wage hike.
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money and ifse they lose money, they will close the business. >> others say it's time for a raise. >> i think people should make more money for the work they do. making 5,re 70 people 6, seven dollars an hour and people can't live on that. today, theeaking it president said other things that need to be done include adding job training. republicans say the best way to grow jobs is to let government get out of the way and create fewer rules rather than more. >> thank you. new at 6:00, north carolina's governor has declared an emergency over the closing of the only bridge to the outer banks. crews shut down the bonner bridge yesterday after routine inspections indicated it was too much sand eroding from the supports.
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adds have been developed to jax to prevent further erosion. no timeline on when the bridge will reopen. drivers face long lines to -- to board the ferry boats. to the western and central united states -- they could see temperatures 20 degrees below zero tonight. six traffic -- six traffic deaths have been blamed on the storm system. in california, farmers are taking precautions to save the state citrus crop. more than two feet of snow is forecast to fall in the rockies before the system moves east. department.not my that is doug's department. tell us more. >> it is amazing the way things are changing. there are winter storm warnings and all kinds of things. let's jump into it. a weather will be coming in bits and pieces. the cold air and separate storm
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systems. we have a very tranquil pattern with mild temperatures in the 50s across the board right now. it's not going to get a lot cooler tonight. 53 at reagan national. 40 degrees is the morning low. dallas has been cooling off after a high of 80. some bitterly cold numbers, but look how expensive it is area single digits and colder air in the south and east. there will be one storm system coming in as we get the next batch, the next one will come up and the real col arctic air will arrive. a lot of transitional changes, but first a push of warmer air in the south. will push through with some clouds in the morning. we will break out of that and be at 66 or 67 tomorrow afternoon.
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then start to look farther to the west for the first cold front to start increasing moisture out of the south. freezing ring us some rain and sleet here in the texarkana area. all sorts of storm watches and winter weather advisory's far north for the first go round of the system coming through. this is how futurecast sees it. south southeasterly wind that may be a shower in the afternoon, but friday when the first storm system moves out throughout the day, it will turn colder with snow falling across the midwest on friday. on sunday, cold air will be in place. we will be watching this wintry mix. 37 with patchy fog. warming into the mid 60s and then dealing with the rain as we had to the day on friday.
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temperatures will fall it through the 50s. on sunday, it looks like we will have some snow, freezing rain and sleet. that will change to lane old fashion rain. met see, icy conditions especially in northwest of the district. by the middle of next week, that is when the arctic air will really kick in. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> you are the expert on this. on are not supposed to step the field while the ball is in play. >> it's like an anchor coming into the sport action. coach, mikeers head tomlin, has been found $100,000
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against his antics. they are saying we are not going to fool around during the game. he thought it was funny at the time. tomlin steps right in front and jones changes direction and was tackled. who knows if he would have scored, but the nfl it was unsportsmanlike and illegal trade and pam, 100 grand. work forins went to the kansas city chiefs. they are reeling after three straight losses and could wrap up a playoff spot. casey has a lot of motivation against the redskins area the chiefs are favored by three. college basketball, the acc jumped all over the big ten on the first night of the challenge. tonight, maryland plays ohio state in columbus. this is a little out of the comfort zone for the terrapins right now. i know they are five and two for the paradise jam championship,
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but the buckeyes are five and oh, ranked fifth in the country. it is all part of the plan. is planning its schedule coming up and they're all good teams. we don't have to be perfect, there are better teams. this is really going to help us moving forward. aboutnwhile, let's talk the colonials. george washington is streaking. they just defeated the defending champs, miami and play rutgers tonight at the smith center. >> we are trying to get back in the spotlight. i'm proud of these guys. they know we have a long way to go. gone as we have planned and now we have to keep working hard and stay healthy. >> great job area for hockey fans, the caps are trying to figure out how to build some
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consistency. lost to carolina and play the predators on saturday. pittsburgh beat the islanders by turning defense into offense. right down main street, bang. all of a sudden, they have a nine point lead on the capitals. the best hockey goal of the night from the blue jackets. watch and forget about it. shaken, not stirred. and through the keyhole. goalie never had a chance. ranked some of the eight women play tonight at the comcast center. 7:00 start time there. if you have a kid, the great ways to go. take them to the women's basketball game.
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>> quite a blizzard going on. >> it is going to affect us. let's jump into the seven-day. a warm day in the mid-60s and then cooling off the day friday, cooler on saturday and a potential of a wintry mix eventually changing rain but that could impact travel. for more information, go to our website. andave more about the storm we can talk to you about that at 11:00. we can talk to you about that at 11:00. >> have a good
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welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news, a truck carrying radioactive materials was stolen. the truck has been found. so what happened to the cargo and how did this happen? polar express, a bone chilling blast of cold hits half the country. watch drivers suddenly riding on ice. >> we're going to hit! we're going to hit! and hidden america, what you, our viewers, did to help a school considered one of the most dangerous in america. generosity bringing a season of hope. >> i never felt such joy in my life.


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